The first digital agent for mobile money users in Africa.

WAKA is a peer-to-peer digital mobile money agent.

We eliminate the inefficient physical agents’ network by building a P2P Blockchain-based agents’ network in which MNOs will connect to it and will not need to invest heavily in building their own agents’ network. All of this while allowing every mobile money user to make transactions across nations, ideally spanning continents through blockchain wallets.

Why Use Wakapayments?


We use Blockchain-based solutions to protect the transactions and data of our users.


Every user could be an agent and do also cross-border transactions within our platform, similar to the way any car owner can be an Uber driver.

Cost effective

We are completely a digital and transnational solution. Compared to the actual agents networks, we have lower costs as a result of not having expenses for renting facilities, billboards, agent training.


We are 65% cheaper and operating 24/7 compared to the physical agents - who work within a limited timeframe (7 am - 6 pm).

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Phone: +41 78 82 54 133

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